About Me

I am the proud father of four wonderful children, loving husband to Caroline, brother to three mostly wonderful sisters, and son of two parents that gifted me with a foundation of love and freedom.

I also am a Presbyterian pastor and former philosophy major with a love of too many words (written with many grammatic errors and parenthetic thoughts), Soren Kierkegaard, and reflections on living a life of discipleship that is open to all the challenges, ups and downs, brokenness and grace, of a chaotic and wonderful life founded upon the love of God for all of creation.

The opinions expressed within this blog are only my own and not those of the places I serve.  In fact unless you are reading this right when I post it – they may not even be my opinions anymore.  Faith isn’t static, and certainly not my limited understanding of it – that is why I call this place “Wrestling with Discipleship” and it has yielded me no few limps as well.

I suppose there is more to say – but isn’t there always.  What about you – who are you?

  1. Elcellent choice of songs Andrew. — Kenneth

  2. Pastor Andrew:
    How delightful it was to see you pictured in “Eye on Boise”, Betsy Russell’s blog and learning that you and the interfaith alliance were at the Capitol encouraging expanding healthcare coverage for the “Gap” population here in Idaho. Please accept my heatfelt encouragement of your decision to advocate for these folks. I’ll continue to work hard in the House of Representatives to move legislation forward.
    I hope to stop in again soon to worship with the great folks at 1st Pres.

    Rep. Dan Rudolph

  3. Reading your wonderfully written blog about all lives matter was like I was reading my own thought and sermons. I resonated with all if it (except the part about Hilary Clinton, although I do not defend her wtongue use if a private email server for that which was work related- very foolish). I too have been struggling with these issues and how to best present them to the congregation I serve as co-pastor with my husband. We are PC (USA) Teaching Elders (ministers). I appreciate what you have and will quote you somewhat in a sermon sometime although I can’t find your name. Thank you for these musings and your honesty!

    • I should clarify that the Hillary part was not to make a comment one way or another about Hillary, but about the echo chamber nature of our conversations about Hillary. Frankly I shouldn’t have even included that intro, but my blog posts are always a bit stream of conscienceness and it was a part of the development through the week of the post.

      My name is Andrew Kukla. I am the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Boise, ID. I’m very track downable through here, FB, or the church. Thanks for your message and I am glad if any of my thoughts are helpful (or even productively troubling). 😉

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