Never Forget

I appreciate the reminders to Never Forget. I remember the day, the shock, and then the worry – we had family in Manhattan and friends at the Pentagon. But the question we must ask ourselves is “what do we remember?” I remember those who gave their lives to save others. I also remember that hate drove people to kill innocent civilians when they felt they had no other way, or that it was the best way, or just because they had become so twisted by hate they didn’t even think about the way they had chosen.

When we Never Forget, what are we remembering? And how does what we remember shape our lives?

About Andrew Kukla

I am the proud father of four wonderful children, loving husband to Caroline, brother to three mostly wonderful sisters, and son of two parents that gifted me with a foundation of love and freedom. I also am a Presbyterian pastor and former philosophy major with a love of too many words (written with many grammatical errors and parenthetic thoughts), Soren Kierkegaard, and reflections on living a life of discipleship that is open to all the challenges, ups and downs, brokenness and grace, of a chaotic and wonderful life founded upon the love of God for all of creation.

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